Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Airport

ChattrapatiShivaji International Airport, Mumbai (Terminal 2)

A joint venture between GVK led consortium and the Airport Authority of India was formed to renovate, expand and operate the Mumbai Airport. The Mumbai airport is designed to various international standards in terms of Fire Safety.

Structural Fire Protection

All Steel Structures are protected with Fire Resistive Coatings to protect them from collapse in a fire. Newkem and its certified business associate were awarded with the contract to provide ISOLATEK Type CP2 and Type 300 in the new SWP and T2 Terminal Buildings of the airport.

Newkem has also been awarded the contract to protect the new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower where a combination of Intumescent (WB3) and Cementitous (CP2) Material. All structures have been Fire Protected to ensure enough time for safe evacuation and protection from collapse in case of a fire.

Smoke Extraction System

The airport has a unique Smoke Extraction System installed which will extract smoke out of the Airport incase of a fire. The Smoke Extraction System requires the ductwork to be Fire Rated for 2 hoursuptoa smoke temperature of 250-400C. This was achieved using Flamebar BW11 – Fire Rated Ductwork System. A total of 36,000 m2 of Flamebar BW11 ductwork is installed.

Newkem has worked closely with the entire team of Consultants, Architects, Contractors and Client on the Project to ensure reliable, internationally approved, tested and trusted systems were installed to serve the desired purpose without affecting the schedule of this fast track project.