Flamebar GFS 1000

Fire Stopping Mortar

A single pack factory controlled premix based on gypsum plaster and vermiculite designed specifically to stop the spread of smoke and fire through openings created in fire rated walls and floors.
GFS 1000 used along with the Flamebar Fire Rated Acrylic Sealnt provides a Comprehensive, easy to apply Fire Stop
Solution for upto 4 hours.

Warrington Fire Research Laboratory has successfully tested the GFS 1000 system for integrity and stability criteria up to 4 hours for a cellulosic fire condition.


GFS 1000 is easy to install, and traditional skills are all that is required on site.

GFS 1000 will seal apertures around penetrating services such as, pipework, cable trays, electrical and fibre optic cables and ducting irrespective of the degree of complexity within the opening.

Openings to be fire stopped may be of any irregular shape and GFS 1000 easily facilitates localised removal and reinstatement where subsequent additional penetrations are required.

GFS 1000 is suitable for use in return air plenums as on completion of the fire stop, the surface may be trowelled smooth using conventional plastering techniques.

GFS 1000 is suitable for sealing penetrations through a wide range of structures such as, concrete, brick and blockwork walls and concrete floors.