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Living up to its name and spirit, Newkem group constantly finds ways to connect with its stakeholders and fellow peers within the Industry. We are proud to introduce Newkemolutions, our blog and the Times of Newkem, our newsletter. Through this blog and newsletter we aim to reach out to all our patrons and bring forth […]

Pictorial Steel Surface Preparation Guideline

The effective life of a coating of anti-corrosive paint applied to a steel surface is to a very large extent dependent on how thoroughly the surface has been prepared prior to painting. It is also important to be able to specify clearly the quality of preparation required in each particular case. Accordingly  Standards have been […]

Evolution of Water based Intumescent Coatings

Thin–film solvent based intumescent coatings have been used for the passive fire protection of structural steel since the 1970’s. In contrast, water based intumescent coatings, first developed in the late 1980s and introduced commercially in the 1990s, have experienced a rapid growth in use around the world and thus, are now displacing solvent based products […]