Industrial Insulation

Turnkey Solutions for Thermal Insulation

Established in 1952 Newkem was one of the premier companies in India and have grown to be today one of the India’s Largest Thermal Insulation Service Provider. Newkem has associated with International along with Indian Consultants and Contractors to have successfully completed Building as well as Industrial Insulation projects all across the country.

What is Insulation ?

Insulation is the system for Heat Conservation and Process Stabilization to assist process control. Air is the best insulating material provided we can hold them between the jacketing. To do so many porous materials which can entrap Air Pockets is been manufactured. Some of them are Glass wool, Mineral Wool, Calcium Silicate, Expanded Polystyrene, Polyurethane, and Nitrile Rubber Foam

A Complete Turnkey Solution Provider

Newkem over the time has developed its core team which has over 100 years of joint Insulation contracting experience within themselves. Along with a dedicated team Newkem uses modern techniques and machinery to ensure time and cost effective system without compromising on quality.

Our team is actively involved with the Bureau of Indian Standards aiding to develop standards to ensure a long lasting and quality system.

Our Services Include:
  • Assistance for Consultants in designing the Insulation System and Specification.
  • Procurement of the Insulation Materials from our Trusted and Verified Vendors.
  • Execution of the System on the Project Site
  • Project and Quality Management on Site
  • Final Audit and Warranty/Guarantee for the System Installed.

We have the expertise and experience in Hot, Cold, Cryogenic and Dual Insulation Systems for pipelines, boilers, chemical storage vessels and Horton Spheres using tested and globally approved products to comply with Indian and International Standards.

Prestigious Projects