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NUKELITE® – Exfoliated Vermiculite

NUKELITE®, is an exfoliated vermiculite, which is lightweight, environmentally friendly, non combustible, compressible, highly absorbent, non-reactive and a compatible functional filler.Vermiculite is a natural mineral of the phyllosilicate group which is exfoliated in purpose designed commercial furnaces.

Nukelite’s thermal stability and inertness attributes to it being a very versatile mineral. It is clean to handle, odourless, mold-resistant and sterile due as it is subjected to high temperature during production.

Applications of Nukelite:

Lightweight Concretes and Screeds

Vermiculite Plasters

Loose Fill Insulation

Fire Protection

Horticulture& Animal Feed

Refractory & High Temperature Insulation

Friction Linings

Special Coatings, Gaskets & Seals

Swimming Pool Liners

Packing Material

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