DuPont™ Zemdrain®

Impermeable Formliner for Concrete Structures

DuPont™ Zemdrain® formwork liner offers a simple and very effective meansof providinga concrete structure with a denseskin, capable of protecting steel reinforcement, and the concrete core, from the attack of aggressive elements.

The low water/cement ratio obtained with Zemdrain® in the concrete cover zone provides a superior durability of the concrete structure, without any other particular treatment or use of chemicals.

In action, the Zemdrain® liner allows the ‘controlled’ evacuation of excess water and air away from the freshly poured concrete cover zone, whilst retaining the cement particles. The resulting concrete has a dense, strong and durable concrete cover, the first line of defence protecting the core and the reinforcement from attack by aggressive elements.

DuPont™ Zemdrain® are form liners used in civil engineering applications like bridges, tunnels, dams, water tanks and waste water treatment plants. To be precise, it is a controlled permeability formwork liner where longer life concrete is required in a project.