Audex System

Spray Applied Acoustical Insulation System

Wherever reflective sound is an issue, the Audex range of non-combustible, spray-applied acoustic coatings is recognized as the definitive and established solution.

Structured from a blend of exfoliated vermiculite and Portland cement, the Audex P System is designed for use in situations where a higher degree of impact resistance is required and or within environments where high, fluctuating humidity is an issue.


Audex is a proven performer in environments as diverse as sports centres, shopping malls, banks, restaurants and swimming pools. The Audex P System may be used on the lower parts of walls and in exposed locations such as canopies, balconies and pedestrian tunnels.

The discreet decorative qualities of Audex complement every aesthetic requirements; it is suitable for use in almost any building type.

Audex P System Options

To meet with the diversity of today’s building design and decor requirements, the Audex P Systems are presented in two forms, Ultra and Neutral.

Audex Ultra

Audex Ultra may be coloured by the addition of a biocidal white emulsion or an emulsion of the required pastel colour to the final coat mix to create optional colouring

Audex Neutral

Formulated to allow for the addition of strong colours, including black.

When applied at a minimum of 3mm, Ultra and Neutral may be utilised as a simulated acoustic finish for applications where a continuation of the acoustic theme is desirable, or where a low cost but high decorative finish is required.